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Carrot Seed Oil – SPF 38 and 40 Carrot seed oil provides natural sun protection. It is also rich in antioxidants and has antiseptic properties. Carrot Seed Oil helps to heal dry, cracked skin, adds moisture in skin, and conditions the hair.


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Carrot Seed Oil – SPF 38 and 40 Carrot seed oil provides natural sun protection. It is also rich in antioxidants and has antiseptic properties. Carrot Seed Oil helps to heal dry, cracked skin, adds moisture in skin, and conditions the hair.

Vitamin A BingoSpa oil is a carrot extract in soybean oil which is used as a medium after being enriched and normalized to reach the content of provitamin A of 3300 IU / g. Provitamin A under the influence of vitamin E is transformed in the skin into vitamin A and performs mainly regulatory functions helping to keep the skin in a good condition.


Vitamin A is classified as the youth vitamin whose stimulating operation decreases the severity of changes appearing during the process of ageing. It is necessary for the proper formation and regulation of growth of skin cells. Hence, it is often referred to as a ”normalizing” factor.


The amount of vitamin A in the skin drastically decreases under the influence of solar radiation, especially UVA radiation, which gets to the skin all year long regardless of the weather and the amount of sunlight. For this reason, it is necessary to compensate for the deficiency of vitamin A and regularly apply products with an effective form of vitamin A directly on your skin. Doses of vitamin A which are supplied to your body in a diet reach the skin as the last ones and are often insufficient.



The exposure to the UV radiation, except for the suntan effect may also bring about several adverse consequences for the skin and the whole body. The effect of the excessive exposure to the sunlight is a sunburn and pre-mature ageing of the skin which results, among others, in losing firmness and appearing wrinkles as well as the increased risk of skin cancer, also phototoxic and photoallergic reactions. Therefore, it is essential to prevent photo-ageing and the results of operation of exogenous oxidant factors, for example, by using inhibitors of radical reactions. One of the substances which have good anti-oxidant properties is β-carotene-a food-colouring dye which is able to converse vitamin A and is widely-used in cosmetics and food supplements. 


Provitamin A may delay the skin ageing process as well as prevent forming harmful changes caused by the exposure to the sunlight and operation of free radicals. At the same time it is a dangerous compound as the body transforms it only in the amount which is needed. A number of studies proved that there are no other anti-oxidants which fight the singlet oxygen at the level of this carotenoid.


Cosmetic properties and effects of operation of Vitamin A BingoSpa oil:


  • Anti-ageing and rejuvenating
    • stimulates fibroblasts to synthesise collagen and elastin which results in smoothing up the wrinkles including the deep wrinkles and so-called “crow’s feet” round the eyes as well as “worry” lines also in terms of firmness, density and elasticity of the skin;
    • repairs and regenerates collagen and elastin fibres which were damaged due to the UV radiation; as a result, the general skin thickening and renovation takes place;
    • stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in dermis and epidermis, whose amount decreases as the time flows and is responsible for proper hydration of the skin cells;
    • stimulates the production of fibrin (important protein which is present in the dermal-epidermal junction and apart from elastin is the main fibre responsible for skin elasticity); as a result the wrinkles get shallow, the oval of the face is raised and looks younger and the skin becomes more firm;
    • stimulates angiogenesis (forming new wrinkles and blood vessels) in the papillary layer of the dermis – as a result, the skin is better supplied with blood and nourished as well as firm and tight and has a beautiful colour;
    • stimulates and normalizes the regeneration process of the epidermis keratinized and damaged by the operation of the sun; as a result, the skin becomes smooth and soft;
    • strengthens the protective functions of the epidermis and reduces the transepidermal water loss (TEWL); as a result, the well-hydrated epidermis becomes smooth, firm and elastic;
    • protects the skin from the harmful operation of free radicals which cause pre-mature skin ageing (degradation of collagen, elastin and fibrilline);
    • stimulates natural mechanisms which protect the skin from the operation of the sun and increases the immunity and processes of skin healing;
    • normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands and improves the distribution of lipids in the dry and oily skin.
  • Depigmentation
    • decreases the size of melanocytes and reduces the amount of melanin; it is a skin pigment, which is produced in excess and causes forming undesired skin discolorations; as a result, it significantly reduces sun-spots and hormonal changes;
    • also reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • Anti-acne
    • counterattacks free radicals, which attack  lipid elements of sebum and cause forming products which irritate the skin and result in inflammatory or allergic reactions (acne);
    • normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands; as a result, the skin is less greasy and the tendency to form eczema and blackheads decreases;
    • purifies the hair follicle ostia;  as a result, the skin pores get narrower;
    • regulates and accelerates the process of epidermis exfoliation owing to which it is possible to prevent acne changes.

It is recommended to use 0,5 – 5%


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Carrot Seeds Oil 10ml

Carrot Seeds Oil 10ml

Carrot Seed Oil – SPF 38 and 40 Carrot seed oil provides natural sun protection. It is also rich in antioxidants and has antiseptic properties. Carrot Seed Oil helps to heal dry, cracked skin, adds moisture in skin, and conditions the hair.


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