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BingoSpa Cosmetics is an international brand offering over 500 products from around the world. BingoSpa Cosmetics are mixed by hand, combining the spirit of nature, knowledge and experience arising from old recipes and meeting modern requirements for production and safety.

Our cosmetics are not animal tested and our packaging is simple and  inexpensive, so we do not waste your money; you pay mostly for the contents.

Our mission is to care for your body and soul, making you feel more beautiful and helping to keep you youthful.

Being a company that has been operating since 1988, BingoSpa is recognised as a cosmetic brand in dozens of countries. Our UK online shop is a newly established sales branch and we are looking forward to broadening the range of our luxury products for you.

The BingoSpa brand includes energising cosmetics from all over the world such as Luxury Japanese Bath Salt, Mallorca Slimming Body Cream , Polynesian Noni Bath Juice , Body Butter with Shea , Ceylon Shower & Bath Cream,  products for a home SPA, collagen, therapeutic peat, argan oil, keratin, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, Dead Sea salt and mud.

We offer you advanced face, hair and body care, slimming products, products to prevent cellulite, acne and stretch marks, healthy feet products, shampoos without SLES [sodium lauryl ether sulfate], conditioners and hair treatments, bath and compress salts.

                   Immerse yourself in BingoSpa’s unforgettable scents and extraordinary treatments!