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    BingoSpa bath caviar are molecules of a highly moisturizing substance, saturated with soluble collagen and thermal oligominerals. Molecules having a diameter of about 1mm, gradually release their caring ingredients under the influence of water and evenly saturate the skin for the duration of the bath. weight 380 g   

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    Collagen is an active ingredient which acts as a natural skin moisturizing agent while having a significant effect on the anti-aging process. Macadamia oil contains valuable minerals, vitamins A, B, E and lecithin for anti-wrinkle action , inhibits skin aging and protects the skin against free radicals.  Weight: 50 g

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    People with sensitive scalp or having fine hair may feel discomfort after using shampoo with traditional detergents. Shampoo without SLES / SLS BingoSpa collagen is an optimum solution. 100ml

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    Thanks to the regenerating and moisturising properties of collagen in a particularly intimate space effectively care for women. Due to a strong film forming, properties of soluble collagen on the skin surface forms a thin protective film, which increases the moisture retention. 300ml

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    Collagen Serum BingoSpa to wash your face with a creamy, fluffy texture and a subtle scent, gently cleanses and conditions, leaving the skin nourished, moisturised and sweet smelling .  

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    Collagen BingoSpa for Body care has a light texture and active ingredients, improves skin condition, and gives a beautiful and attractive appearance. 300ml

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    Collagen 5% BingoSpa gel for massage enriched with caffeine and orange oil - natural substances of vegetable origin, with anti-cellulite effect, prevention and reduction of stretch marks. 250g

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    To keep your skin in perfect condition, maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, you should systematically provide its collagen. Bath with BingoSpa essence makes the skin smooth and supple, radiant youthful glow. 500ml

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    for dry, normal, combination skin Delicate collagen cream is designed for BingoSpa mature skin care, tired or dehydrated overexposure to environmental factors. Complementing the deficiency of soluble collagen in the skin, the cream BingoSpa regenerates and smoothes, restoring its freshness and proper hydration. 135g

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    BingoSpa collagen serum for washing and taking care of normal and damaged hair with a tendency to seborrhoea.  The BingoSpa pure collagen intensively nourishes and moisturizes the damaged and weak hair rebuilding the hair structure. 150ml

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    The delicate and rapidly absorbing BingoSpa collagen body milk, thanks to its consistence and unique, active ingredients, improves the skin condition, provides a beautiful and attractive skin appearance leaving it subtly scented for a long time.  Collagen together with the silk proteins contained in the BingoSpa milk make the skin smooth and firm and...

    £ 8.49
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items