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BingoSpa is an international brand offering over 500 products from around the world. Cosmetics Bingo Spa kneaded by hand, combining the spirit of nature, knowledge and experience arising from old recipes and modern requirements for the production and safety.

Our mission is care of your body and soul, made you feel more beautiful and helped to retain youth longer, you could easily fulfill their life challenges.

BingoSpa is a manufacturer and importer of cosmetic ingredients. Being a company that has been operating since 1988, it is recognised as a cosmetic brand present in a dozen of countries, which offers approximately 500 cosmetics. Our uk e-shop is a newly established sales branches and we looking forward to broaden the range of our luxury products for you.

BingoSpa brand includes energising cosmetics from all over the world, i.e.
Luxury Bath Salt Japanese, Mallorca Slim Body Cream , Polynesian Noni Juice Bath , Body Butter with Shea , Ceylon Shower & Bath Cream, products for a home SPA, collagen, therapeutic peat, argan oil, keratin, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, Dead Sea salt and mud. We offer you advanced face, hair and body care, slimming products, cellulite, acne and stretch marks preventing products, healthy feet products, shampoos without SLES [sodium lauryl ether sulfate], conditioners and hair treatments, bath and compress salts.

Immerse yourself in BingoSpa unforgettable scents and extraordinary treatments!


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    BingoSpa Mallorca Slimming Body Cream (with the scent of peaches) prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.  500ml

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    Collagen is an active ingredient which acts as a natural skin moisturizing agent while having a significant effect on the anti-aging process. Macadamia oil contains valuable minerals, vitamins A, B, E and lecithin for anti-wrinkle action , inhibits skin aging and protects the skin against free radicals.  Weight: 50 g

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    It is difficult for the thick skin to absorb and excrete moisture, so it may be prone to getting dry. If the skin, which is dry, is not taken care of properly, it may crack. Heels have a strong tendency to get dry and crack during the summer, when we wear sandals and summer shoes, which expose heels. 

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  • £ 10.99
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    Concentrated cinnamony-algae is designed for professional treatments - "body wrapping" at home. First visible effects in various parameters of the skin, appear already after 4 treatments! Note!!! Extremely strong product. Please read more description below. weight 250g

    £ 10.99
  • £ 10.99

    The BingoSpa algae for cellulite and stretch marks used for massaging and wrapping is a complex program to improve the skin appearance and condition using draining and strengthening properties of marine algae and anti-cellulite complex consisting of echinacea, centella and collagen.  weight 250g

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  • £ 4.99

    Micellar cleansing water copes well with all kinds of skin contamination, taking into the inside of the micelles the fatty contamination such as tallow, sebum and water-proof mascara and dissolves the remaining contamination in the water solution.The solution does not irritate the skin and does not leave a greasy film. It does not need applying additional...

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  • £ 14.99 £ 12.74

    Professional BingoSpa procedure to be applied in home conditions. It contains cinnamon, orange and clove oils as well as caffeine. It reduces fatty tissues, slims the figure, shapes thighs, buttocks and abdomen. 500g

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  • £ 19.49

    Slimming algae for BODYTHERM compresses are the formulation based on algae Laminaria, specyfically for professional "body wrapping" treatments at home. BODYTHERM Algae can be used for every kind of skin with reduced firmness and elasticity, excessively accumulated fatty tissue and cellulite symptoms 500g

    £ 19.49
  • £ 15.00 £ 12.00

    Cinnamon-caffeine concentrate BingoSpa with L-carnitine is designed to perform the "body wrapping" treatments. It contains the maximum concentration of active ingredients with effective anti-cellulite and slimming effects: cinnamon oil, orange oil, clove oil and caffeine. These ingredients also have a positive effect on the condition of the outer surface...

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items