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  • £ 5.49

    Oily skin, with dilated pores complexion, having a tendency to have impurities and blackheads, mud absorption soothes and cleanses. White clay - gently cleanses and removes dead skin cells and slightly shrinks pores without drying the skin and improves skin tone. Weight 150g

    £ 5.49
  • £ 10.99

    100% cinnamon & caffeine concentrate algae is designed for professional treatments - "body wrapping" at home. First visible effects in various parameters of the skin, appear already after 2-3 treatments! Note!!! Extremely strong product. Please read more description below. weight 250g    

    £ 10.99
  • £ 6.49 £ 5.52
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    The BingoSpa cocoa butter for a quick tan is enriched with almond oil, Shea butter, olive oil and D-Panthenol and gets your skin ready to meet the sunshine. The BingoSpa cocoa butter contains a lot of valuable to the skin substances, vitamins and antioxidants. weight 100g

    £ 6.49 £ 5.52
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  • £ 2.99
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    BingoSpa collagen serum for washing and taking care of normal and damaged hair with a tendency to seborrhoea.  The BingoSpa pure collagen intensively nourishes and moisturizes the damaged and weak hair rebuilding the hair structure. 150ml

    £ 2.99
  • £ 8.49

    The delicate and rapidly absorbing BingoSpa collagen body milk, thanks to its consistence and unique, active ingredients, improves the skin condition, provides a beautiful and attractive skin appearance leaving it subtly scented for a long time.  Collagen together with the silk proteins contained in the BingoSpa milk make the skin smooth and firm and...

    £ 8.49
  • £ 10.99

    The BingoSpa algae for cellulite and stretch marks used for massaging and wrapping is a complex program to improve the skin appearance and condition using draining and strengthening properties of marine algae and anti-cellulite complex consisting of echinacea, centella and collagen.  weight 250g

    £ 10.99
  • £ 7.99

    Collagen is an active ingredient which acts as a natural skin moisturizing agent while having a significant effect on the anti-aging process. Macadamia oil contains valuable minerals, vitamins A, B, E and lecithin for anti-wrinkle action , inhibits skin aging and protects the skin against free radicals.  Weight: 50 g

    £ 7.99
  • £ 10.99

    for dry and sensitive skin BingoSpa Cream intensely moisturizes the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles, and existing in a clear manner shallows. Leaves skin nourished, relaxed and decrease irritation, smoothes and brightens skin and gives it elasticity and softness and protects it from the effects of ageing.   Weight 50g

    £ 10.99
  • £ 4.99
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    People with sensitive scalp or having fine hair may feel discomfort after using shampoo with traditional detergents. Shampoo without SLES / SLS BingoSpa collagen is an optimum solution. 100ml

    £ 4.99
  • £ 14.49

    BingoSpa THERMOGEL is a preparation designed for professional cosmetic treatment in home conditions. It contains caffeine as well as many substances which reduce the sub-cutanous fatty tissue. 

    £ 14.49
  • £ 3.89

    Anti-cellulite salt Bingo Spa with Dead Sea minerals, rooibos extract ( Aspalathus linearis ) and magnesium for antioxidant activity, helps capture free radicals, soothes skin and anti- itching. The extracts penetrate deeply into the skin, facilitate relaxation of dense fatty tissue and the body's excretion of toxic substances. 550g  

    £ 3.89